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At CCTI, students are provided unique learning opportunities to build their future. Students from Carbon County’s five districts (Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Weatherly, Palmerton, Panther Valley), are provided the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to be prepared for entry level employment, as well as, opportunities to qualify for state, national, or industry certifications.

The curriculum for each technical program is based on a series of competencies, or tasks.  Students work through mastering tasks essentially at their own pace, making their learning individualized.  Students demonstrate their understanding by contributing, engaging and completing assignments during Theory lessons and through hands-on work in the Lab.  Upon completion of these tasks, students are expected to demonstrate mastery by taking a written and hands-on end-of-program test.

Special education students are provided supports and services, in accordance with their IEP, in fully included classrooms by certified academic teachers.  Please visit CCTI’s Student and Parent Handbook for our Admission Policy, Grading System, Graduation Requirements, Student Code of Conduct/Responsibilities.

Contact Information

Special Education Office
150 West 13th Street
Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Phone: 570-325-3682 ext. 1509

Special Education Facilitator– Mrs. Christine Trovato-

Special Education Teachers/Case Managers:

Mr. Scott Bartholomew-
Mrs. Marie Bieling-
Mr. Phil Strubinger-
Mr. Julian Valentini-

Levels of Service

In 2004, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA, 2004) stated that inclusion should happen in the least restrictive environment (LRE) and that all students with disabilities have the legal right to be placed in the LRE.  Inclusion allows students with disabilities to receive the same education and support in the general education classroom based upon their IEP’s. Under LRE, the general education classroom is the first place to be considered for educating a student with a disability before more restrictive options are considered. For additional information regarding levels of service, please refer to the Child Find and FERPA Notice.

With this in mind, CCTI offers Itinerant level of service to students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). This means special education students are provided special education services in the Inclusion setting at CCTI.  Itinerant support correlates with the percentage of time each day the students spend in the regular education environment with their non-disabled peers.

At CCTI, in addition to have skilled and experienced Technical Instructors, highly trained Instructional Aides are available to support students in the academic and technical classes.  Instructional Aides in the technical programs are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in their technical area, due to having years of work experience directly related to their program.

For a list of supports and interventions to assist in meeting students’ needs, refer to the list below:

Technical Program Instructional Aides                                          Attendance Awards & Recognition
Academic Instructional Aides                                                            Student of the Marking Period Recogn.
Co-Taught Classes (as scheduled)                                                    Stepping Up Program
Transition team                                                                                        Test Prep courses
Counselor meetings                                                                               Career Cruising
Student conferences                                                                              Attendance meetings
Conflict resolutions/restorative meetings                                    Writing portfolios
Parent/student/Administration/Guidance meetings               After school tutoring
Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDT,USA Test Prep)                      Push-in Services
Transition surveys/Interest inventories                                         Progress Reports
Professional Development Program                                               Pull-out Services
Student Assistance Program (SAP)                                                  Power School Parent Portal
Call List (Calling/E-mailing home)                                                   Attendance letter
Parent/Student Resource Guide (see CCTI website)                 Parent/Student Meetings
Notification of Failing Grades letter
Tutorial computer programs
Outside Referrals (MD/MH, CMP, D/A, BoTkach Foundation
IEP meetings (annual, attendance, behavioral, academic concerns)

Useful Websites & Resources for Parents, Students and Educators

Act 66 of 2021 Student Grade level Retaining Students: PDE Guidance,to%20the%20next%20grade%20level

Act 66 Retainment Form-English

Act 66 Retainment Form Spanish

Act 66 Questions? Email the Department of Education’s Bureau of Special Education at

PDE Resources: Updates-

US Department of Education Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services-

Special Education: The Basics (Power Point Presentation) – Special Education_The BasicsPP_training_pdf

Chapter 15 Section 504 Services-

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act document) – FERPA_Notice


Procedural Safeguards Explained: PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS NOTICE

Procedural Safeguards: Procedural Safeguards – English       Procedural Safeguards Spanish

Local Task Force-

Learning Disabilities Association of America-

The Arc of Lehigh Valley (link)

Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit #21-

Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network–

PA Department of Education-

Bureau of Special Education–

US Department of Education Newsletter sign up-



Autism Resources

Autism Resources for Families–

Temple Grandin’s Teaching Tips for student with Autism–

Mental Health Services

Carbon-Monroe-Pike Mental Health Services: or call the 24 hour mental health Crisis Hotline at (610) 377-0773

Victims Resource Center–  or call Valerie Smith at 610-379-0151

Northeast Counseling Services- 610-377-9146

ReDCo Group- 610-377-8525    *Spanish speaking staff available.

Drug & Alcohol Resources

Carbon-Monroe-Pike Drug & Alcohol Services 610-377-5177

PA Treatment & Healing 610-377-8870

AL-NON– 1-800-344-2666

Hillside Adolescent and Adult Detox Program– 1-855-878-8554

Secondary Transition Resources

LCCC SEED Information, Application, Eligibility, Scholarship-

IU 21–

PA Career Link-

College Resources for Students with Disabilities-

College and Trade School Admission Information, FAFSA, Scholarship/Financial Aid Websites, College Resources- Visit CCTI’s Guidance Webpage at-

Estate Planning for Children with Autism-

The Arc: Transition Planning-

The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation- 
Contact Mara Wolfe at

Path to the Future: Family Training and Resources


Application for a duplicate Birth Certificate – Application_for_a_Birth_Certificate

Application for a duplicate Social Security Card- Social security card application

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