In order to be eligible to apply to the Carbon Alternative High School Diploma Program;  students need to be Carbon County High School students and meet the following requirements:

 Young adults 16-20 years of age who have dropped out of school or who meet the following criteria:

  • Parent or guardian has given permission if the student is 16-17 years of age
  • Student is at 9th grade or above and has failed one or more grades, or has a documented family/personal situation that indicates regular school enrollment is not feasible. A written referral from the school counselor and written permission from the high school principal is required. 

 Student has not established a recent pattern of suspensions for serious offenses.

 Student must be willing to attend classes a minimum of 15 hours per week.

 Student must be willing to be in a Co-op Education program (work at an approved job) Students must work 120 hours for each credit at an approved work-site.

 Students entering the program take a placement test to determine their current abilities in the areas of reading, math and language.

  • At an 8.5 grade level or above, the student is admitted into the program and begins taking high school level courses.
  • Below the 8.5 level, the student is referred back to the guidance counselor or to an adult education-learning lab for assistance in learning basic skills. Applicants may retest after 6 months.

Applications are available by contacting:

Francine Kluck, Program Coordinator
570-325-3682 ext 1517

Angie Yaich, Instructor
570-325-3682 ext 1162

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