Engineering Technology (ET)


Program Description

The Engineering Technology program of study is designed to develop student interests and skills for a career in the dynamic and rapidly evolving engineering field. It offers hands-on, practical, and project-based engineering technology experiences to prepare students for further engineering education at a technical school, two-year or four-year college applications, managing data systems, analysis, and forecasting business data. Additionally, students completing the program will have developed the necessary technical, hands-on skills to pursue entry-level technician positions. Instruction includes but is not limited to, safety, ethics, teamwork. problem-solving and design, engineering graphics, automated systems and programming, materials, power, fundamental electronics and mechatronics, robotics, and manufacturing systems as well as adhering to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) initiative.

Program Safety Requirements

  • Follow CCTl’s Acceptable Use Computer Policy
  • Develop, and Follow Engineering and Electrical Safety Plans
  • Complete 10-Hour OSHA Training, Certification

Essential Academic Skills

  • 8th Grade level Reading, Reading Comprehension, and Writing Skills
  • Pre-Algebra Math Skills
  • Read and Interpret Technical Material at Grade Level

Classroom Assignments, Assessments & Tasks

  • Foundational Theory Lessons
  • Hands-On Exercises & Projects
  • Class, Team Discussions, Participation
  • Authentic, Real-World Projects
  • Professional Development Program
  • NOCTI (end of 12th Grade, benchmark end of 11th Grade)
  • 15.9999 Task list – Program of Study

Develop Soft Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • 21st Century Skills (Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking)
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Communication (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Written, Visual)
  • Feedback
  • Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution









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